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Project Description

SweetSQL is a lightweight, fast, and of course, "sweet" layer on top of several ADO .Net connectors. You can connect to MS SQL, OLEDB, MySQL, etc. all from .Net 2.0, no System.Core required!

What is SweetSQL?

SweetSQL is SQL made easy for .Net.

It follows a similar pattern of decorating classes with attributes as Linq-to-SQL but throws queries and expression trees out the window.

SweetSQL is great for importing/exporting/migration tasks as well as simple applications that will use databases to store data rather than run queries and reports.

What's under the hood?
  • Each SQL command is made with a single IDbCommand and StringBuilder
  • Ordered or named parameters are reused per command
  • Reflection.Emit enables very fast property getting and setting
  • Generic "new()" type constraint allows direct call to constructor
  • A pretty sweet logo...
  • Can be extended for any ADO .Net connector
  • Works on .Net 2.0! No System.Core required!
  • Map any class to any table, even map the same class to multiple tables.
  • Supports raw SQL, for rare cases
  • Creates and drops tables, too!

Upcoming features
  • A PostgreSQL provider
  • "REPLACE" and "IF EXISTS" constructs for supporting providers

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